A Black Bear Is Going to Attack Me In My Sleep

So, I’m afraid I have some bad news. I am going to be going on a small hiatus for a little while. You see, I am about to travel into the deep Kentucky regions where there are no internet connections and the nearest usable phone is nowhere. Don’t miss me too much–though I know you’ll be counting down the days till I’m back for more stories–but like I promised before, you WILL get those stories.

I will take up where I left off on Monday PLUS a new theme which I will announce either Sunday or Monday, depending upon when I get back into civilization. Until then, you will be left without average stories and I’m terribly sorry for that.

But fo-rizzles, I really do think a black bear is going to eat me while I sleep. Have you ever seen one? Those things are vicious. Almost as vicious as ticks! (If you don’t know what a tick is, I highly suggest you DON’T Google it, they’re scary.) (Unless you want to, but note: they are a bug–a really creepy bug–but not so creepy as chiggers.)

Stay Average!



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