Why I Write This Crappy Poem

I feel it is only important to give you a fair warning. This is what happens when you put my friends in a room, give them cupcakes, and then wait until 12:15 in the morning. It gets interesting. You know Maxine, Rupee, and Sophie. Now meet Claire and Chloe (they’re twins), Veronica, and Jude!

#emtional #trees

As I sit here tonight

with my friend group in my midst

I wonder why this poem sucks so much.

I see the faces that I will never see again

dank in the darkness and misery of the blackness of my cruel and dangerous life


The warmth of crack. (Not the drug.)

I wish this moment could last forever.


With only my deep emotions to guide me, and think:

Sexy, can I?

I think I love her. Just kidding…him.

#Avatar #crack #poem #poet #writing #call me maybe #umbrella #my face #under #beanie #Robert Frost

#this poem is average


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