Tights, Fights, And 5am Fire Alarms

Let’s just say my dorm hall is anything but ordinary, and the people in it even less so. That’s not to say that they’re aliens, pirates, or mystical creatures; then I think I would be living in crazy town. They’re just…average! And average people do average things. Such as:

-Moon everyone in the hall (Yes, as in the taking off of the pants).

-Steal televisions (No, that’s not average, that’s just douchebaggery).

-Wake everyone wake up at 5AM to go OUTSIDE in the FREEZING COLD for a fire drill.

Not cool.

Now, I am not saying that all of these things are good. In fact, none of them are, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting to hear about. (And that I’m not hiding even funnier stories in my back pocket). Hence the point of this post.

I introduce to you today a new theme. Prepare yourself for what I will call: The Adventures of the Fourth Floor. The title is a work in progress. We are currently working on getting a reality TV show called: The Fourth Floor. (No, that’s a lie, actually, but it would be awesome!)

Anyhoot, expect more to be coming on this topic.

And once and for all I AM SOOOO SORRY that I have been A-Wall for such a long period of time. I didn’t think that moving to college would be so freaking busy! Whatevas, more stories to come.

And, P.P.S., that doesn’t mean I am finished with past stories. You remember Gwen, Sophie, Mazda, Maxine, Rupee and the whole gang? They’re not gone. Oh, no. They will be coming back with a vengeance when you least expect it. So keep your eyes open and your life average because–


You’ll never see it coming. (Besides, most of you by now know that my titles have nothing/very little to do with what I write about, so you won’t see it coming that way either!)



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