A Wrinkle on the Face of Time

This is going to be a more thoughtful post than most of my others, but the subject is unique so stick with me.

I don’t understand why people dislike wrinkles. Yes, you heard me, wrinkles. As in–wrinkles. People are constantly trying to find ways to get rid of their wrinkles; fill them in. It’s thought that you know you’re old once you have wrinkles. Well, I find them to be fascinating. Think about it, you know a crap ton about someone based on their wrinkles. You can see what kind of person they were and what kind of life they lived.

Are there lines across their forehead? Between their brows? They were a worrier, or constantly angry.

What about around their mouth? In the corners of their eyes? They were a happy person, smiled a lot.

The wrinkles known as “crow’s-feet” in the corner of the eyes–those are my favorite. You know that someone was truly happy in their lifetime if those are their deepest wrinkles. I hope by the time I’m 70, those are my deepest wrinkles. I think that’s a show of a life well lived.

That’s my opinion anyway.

Mini story that has nothing to do with what I just said:

This is a conversation my Aunt Josephine had with her older sister Gwinna (Aunt Joe is 78, and Gwinna is 86)

Aunt Joe: Gwinna, how many cats do you have now?

Gwinna: 3, but it’s alright, I’m only allergic to dogs.

3 weeks later.

Gwinna: (there’s a cat in her lap) *sniff*sniff

Aunt Joe: Those sound like allergy sniffs. Are you sure you’re not allergic.

Gwinna: (pause) Well…I may be moderately allergic to cats.

So I realize that the story really wasn’t very funny–or funny at all–but I just couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She’s only moderately allergic to cats. Who says that?

Don’t judge me, I’m tired. Everything’s funny right now.



One thought on “A Wrinkle on the Face of Time

  1. I too am only moderately allergic to cats. They make me sniffle, but that’s it. And the furry adorableness is worth it.

    You’re completely right about the wrinkles, of course, but then, you’re a teenager and probably have gorgeous skin. It does kind of suck when you first see a wrinkle because you realize it’s the first step in your body falling apart.

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