The Top Ten Things I Get Asked A Lot But Don’t Know Why Post

Hiya, what’s going on today? Well, I just got asked twice if I was “so-and-so” from “who-knows-where” and the answer to both questions was no. Seeing as how I’m going to college far from home and didn’t know anyone when I came to school, I’d say the likelihood that I have ever met any of these people is slim to none. Veering more towards the ‘none’ side of the phrase.

But these events inspired this post, which (and I quote–from myself) ARE THE TRUTH! No lies,  I honestly have been asked all of these questions at least once in my lifetime. So, here goes: (p.s. the parenthesis are how many times I’ve been asked the question) 

1) Are you a twin? (Number of times I’ve been asked that: 3. Including the times my so-called ‘twin’ has been asked: 7)

2) Do you play volleyball? (3)


3) Do you play basket ball? (5)


4) Are you a waitress? (1)


5) Do you play piano? (2)


Background knowledge: I’m from a city that no one ever knows of, so when I tell people where I’m from I usually say that I’m from Metro Detroit (and yes, I use the hand-as-a-map thing. Hey, it works).

6) You’re from Metro Detroit? Have you ever seen somebody shot? (Way too many times)


7) Were you adopted? (3)


8) Are you a sports person? You look like a sports person. (All the freaking time.)

…Just because I’m tall?! Have you ever seen me play sports? It’s really embarrassing. I mean, REALLY…

9) What college did you graduate from? (2)

Um…I’m still in high school.

10) Can you help me with this math problem? (1,849,389,970,947,384959584849584954858949373958)

(I gave up on the commas in that number). I’m an English Major. EEEEENNNGGGLLLLIIISSSSHHHH!


So those are them. The things I get asked and don’t know why. Maybe I’m just a magnet for bizarre questions.

Oh well, that’s the average life I suppose!



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