When I Rule The World There Will Be Jelly Doughnut Wednesdays

Watching these lovely and oh-so-entertaining political debates started me thinking of what I will do when I rule the world. Think big or go home, right? Well, one thing I know for certain: Jelly Doughnut Wednesdays. In fact, I wrote a poem about it. I found it  in my old writings from high school. I think it is quite accurate and should become a new policy!

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s saved on my computer so I can’t copy and paste, but I know it goes something like this:

Dear Mr. President,
Jelly Doughnut Wednesdays;
think about it.
And what about the
dull and altogether unnecessary 
institution called school? 
I think we should get rid of it.
We should just borrow Nessie from the Scots. 
Then we wouldn’t need educated children.
We would have the Loch Ness Monster.
It’s just an idea–
sleep on it.
P.S. I believe I would make a fantastic
Speaker of the House.
Just kidding,
I don’t think Congress would appreciate
a rap battle. 

That’s what I call quality!



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