Taxes Make the F-Bombs Go Boom!

Whoa?! Two posts in one day?! What luck!!!

And before you get any ideas, this is NOT a political post. I just remembered some funny stories I forgot to tell you. (At least, I thought they were funny…)


Ironically, both of these things happened in my Theater Appreciation class. Now, I don’t really consider myself a theater kid. I participated in high school theater for a while but quit to focus more on writing (which I thought was more important). I don’t regret that decision, but my past history with theater made the choice for this class easy. Why not take a class that I knew I could ace?

Well, yesterday our professor posed this question:

“What is the one thing we know for certain about life?”

Student 1: “Death!”

Teacher: “Yes, that is correct, death–”

Random Student (very loudly): “TAXES!!!”

So true, random student, so true. I had a chuckle.

And the second thing: my professor asked me to say the F-bomb in the middle of class (believe it or not it actually did have to do with what we were talking about) so I did. That was interesting to say the least. I don’t think anyone thought I would say it (or that anyone would say it at all), so when I did the entire class went into a giggly frenzy. I don’t know why. He asked a matter-of-fact question and I gave him a precise answer. It just happened to be a shocking one!

So that’s it. Short story time is over. I just thought I would let you in on the strange goings on around here.

Always Average,



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