[Un]fortunately There Were No Casualties

The Fourth Floor didn’t die!!! Hurrah! We got a “strong talking to” but that was it. It was actually a bit lame. We were expecting something exciting to happen, like the entire floor would break out into shouts of defiance and wield tasers and….yeah. But it didn’t happen and we were a bit sad. But, oh well, maybe I’ll see something exciting someday.

OH! EXCITING NEWS! If you haven’t looked, A Marginal Tale, has officially begun!!! Look for installments throughout the weeks. I will hopefully remember to alert you of new additions to the story as it progresses, so keep an eye out! I have to give credit to Mazda, for I am using characters from our comic strip: Magnus and Phillipe.

Their theme song goes as follows:

Magnus and Phillipe

Phillipe is a sheep

Magnus is a dragon, and you he will eat!!!!

It’s a work in progress.



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