Mini Post About Nothing #2: My Short Story Brain Is Flatlining

For my creative writing class we are currently working on short stories. However, there is only one full short-story that we are graded on in the semester. Mine is due November 13th. And I have no clue what I am going to write about. I keep having brain blasts (Jimmy Neutron reference) but the ideas always seem to fall flat when I’m in the midst of writing them.

I am so bad when someone hands me a pen and paper (this is a metaphorical reference) and says: go at it. I need structure, a topic!!! But that sucks the creative right out of it, right? After all, if I can sit down and write a novel, a short story should be a piece of cake.

Whoever said that is a big, fat liar! It is so much harder because all I know is how to write a novel. I don’t know how to compress my ideas–to have a beginning, middle, and end–in only ten pages! What a blasphemous idea!!!

Oh, averages, I look so depressing sitting out here alone in the hallway. I’ m trying to come up with answers. I don’t think this is working…

And–abrupt change of subject–it’s getting to be the time of year when we must bundle up. Look at this sheep, he’s wearing a sweater!

Ta ta for now (unless I keel over and die). I’ll let you know how that turns out.



One thought on “Mini Post About Nothing #2: My Short Story Brain Is Flatlining

  1. Short stories are killers. Good luck! If you can, try thinking of your story as just a scene within a much longer story (*cough* A BEAUTIFUL, LONG, UN-LENGTH-RESTRICTED NOVEL), and see if you can focus in on that. It helps sometimes.

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