When Average Meets Gossip Girl

This post is all about the Fourth Floor gossip that I have been keeping from you lovely averages for the last few weeks. At first I was hesitant to share some of these things (just the first one actually). But then I remembered–none of those people read my blog and I make sure to keep it anonymous. So take that! Gossip Girl can suck it!

Want the juicy stuff first? Okay.

1) Remember the girl from my hall I was telling you about who stole the T.V.? Well, she was arrested the other day for breaking and entering, and theft. Whaaat? I know, my mouth dropped open when I found out too. There was a feeling of general excitement on the floor that she finally got caught for something. She does a lot of bad, stupid things.

Pretty much from here the gossip isn’t very exciting.

2) The Detroit Tigers–that’s the Michigan baseball team–are going to the World Series! Some of you aren’t going to care about his, (and sorry if you’re a Yankee’s fan) but this is AWESOME! They haven’t been since…I think it was ’06…I’m only disappointed I won’t be home to cheer them on. But I’m doing the best I can from here and I have my shirt. GO TIGERS! (Sorry, I guess that doesn’t really count as gossip, I’m just so excited).

3) Emergency vehicles arrived in the early morning hours a few days back and rumors quickly flooded that someone had died in one of the showers. This, as it turns out, was a lie. But apparently our hall is one of the few on campus without a ghost in it. I guess we must still wait. (Not that I’m upset that nobody died–it’s good that nobody died!)

4) Everyone is leaving me!!! I’m going to be left all alone with the drunks in my hall because my friends are leaving. College isn’t for all people–I get that–but why do all of my friends have to be the ones to leave? They’re all so nice and their leaving me with the not-so-nice ones. No, that’s a lie. It’s not that they’re not nice, just drunk way too often. Which makes them drunk and boring. Woe is me!

5) Again not gossip, but we were shown video #1 in Psychology class and I think it’s hilarious. Video #2 is something I found while perusing YouTube and it made me chuckle. A world without averages would just be boring!



I think I might have forgotten the definition of gossip before I wrote this post because it’s not very gossipy, is it?

Ah, poop.



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