My Professors Are Trying To Take Over The World

Hey! That’s my job.

It was unanimously decided between myself and my friend Gemma, (the only two people currently plotting for my future “take-over-the-world” endeavor), that our professors are doing their utmost best to make sure that these plans do not succeed by joining forces and putting tests on the same day.

My loyal friend Gemma also has a speech to prepare for on the inner workings of Cajun society (I’m not sure how that topic came to be, but it is here none the less and standing in my way!). This–a plan to foil my own plans–must not succeed!

We have made an assumption based off of our lack of facts and slacker attitudes that goes something like this: the teachers have banded together to form a super-union known as the Teachers-Against-Student-Success-Organization.  Otherwise known as TASSO (like lasso but with a ‘t’). They are hold up in the Bat Cave–a monster cavernous space beneath the campus–which is also, coincidentally, where they park the buses at night. They sip on their coffee during their conference hours while we students are forced to study and take quizzes with unfair questions like:

In the play Dangerous Liaisons, what did Count So-and-So give the young boy when he was dying?

a. a ring

b. a handshake

c. letters

d. something other than a, b, or c, because my creative mind isn’t working very well today.

The answer is C which is: one, a trick question because it was only one letter (singular–not letters plural), and two, because in the play I saw, he didn’t actually give him anything!!

And so I am left to ponder what my next move shall be. How does one invade the Bat Cave? Where does one find the entrance? And if I don’t write this short story in time for class, can I become a pirate instead? That sounds like much more fun at the moment.

Speaking of pirates, check in to see the new updates for A Marginal Tale!

I shall be plotting until next time, mwahaha,



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