The Fourth Floor Is Going To War Again…Again!

And this time, it’s about to get nuclear! Forces are coming in on all sides. Like Germany in WWI it’s a battle on two fronts and neither one is winning.

In the right hand corner we have the battle of the roommates. Two girls going head to head farther than anyone has before. Screaming, cursing, 2 RA interventions, and a half-a-pound of stale Halloween candy later and they are still going at it. Everyone in the hall is eavesdropping outside of their door or, if they were lucky enough to get a spot, listening in through the electrical socket in the room next door. (It turns out you can hear EVERYTHING through the electrical sockets–like mini portals to Narnia. If Narnia includes two murderous teenage females…Susan and Lucy maybe? But now I’m getting sidetracked. Where was I???

Oh, yes! It’s like everyone on the floor has been cartoonized to look exactly like Scooby-Doo because as soon as that door cracks open even an inch everyone is scrambling away–throwing themselves on top of one another to avoid the wrath (and possible flames) spitting forth from the deep trenches of the cave. I have never seen a sight so funny in my life as these girls launching themselves into whoever’s room is closest (even if they don’t know them) and ducking for cover.

In the left hand corner is the two roommates of very inadequate social skills vs. the rest of the hall. I have told you before that our floor can kick up…a bit of a ruckus. But it’s never anything too major (well, except for tonight), and we are always (for the most part) kind to one another (except for tonight). HOWEVER! The gloves are coming off if someone is going to begin posting “anonymous” yet totally obvious Facebook posts about their hall neighbors.

Here’s a general message that I am providing for all man-kind: if you have something to say, approach the person specifically, speak your mind, and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not saying to be a total douche, and I’m not saying that cursing someone out is a good thing. But going behind said person’s back to post on Facebook, or getting people into trouble with their hall director simply because you would like them to be quiet is not okay either. Now, I do realize that everyone in the situation is at fault here, but as the tensions begin to come to a boil, things are about to go down.

Big time.

I can only hope that when the atomic bomb finally drops, I’m not in the blast radius. We’ll see. If you don’t get any posts from me in the next few days it’s probably because I’m dead. Or have to write an English paper. Either of those options are viable. But for tonight we are not allowed out in the hallway and a creepy stillness has overcome the fourth floor. Although, that could also be the fact that the it’s 2 am on a school night. Oops.

Also, sorry if this post is riddled with grammar/typo/errors in general. It’s late/early and I’m too sleepy to edit or make my own thoughts make sense.

Someone’s calling my name so it’s time for me to depart into the war zone. Wish me luck, and may the force of averageness be with you!



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