The Fourth Floor Movers Are At Your Service!

With so much drama in this hall, it’s no wonder we haven’t gotten professional jobs as movers. One girl, two floors, twenty minutes. DONE! Seriously, that’s talent. Anyone ever tell you any different, they’ll have me to deal with. Cyberspace: once you go average, you can never go back.

But I haven’t even told you why we had to move the girl yet!

Remember those stories I told you about the girl who stole the TV? Well, she got arrested the other day for stealing from a store. I know, big shocker. You better believe the floor couldn’t get that mugshot around fast enough. (Did you know that you can look those up online??? Have I told you this before?) Anyhow, now she’s blaming other people for stealing her clothes–she’s threatening to press charges. What?! Does that reek of irony to anyone else?

She also claims she’s going to beat people up. Um, okay, 40 against 1. I’m okay with those odds.

But in any case, we had to move Shelby out of her room tonight and down into the trenches of the second floor. That’s okay, they’re cool too, but we are going to miss her ūüė¶

But back to the fight! I’d like to see her try to fight me. I keep telling people that I’ll just break out my Detroit accent. It’s no different from my Michigan accent, it just has a lot more swear words. I’m not sure how that makes it a Detroit accent but it’s my best effort.

I¬†definitely¬†started this post with about one hundred things to say and then I forgot them all…OH! A girl got arrested outside of our dorm for drunk and disorderly. But that’s not very exciting.

I think my brain has turned to mush because I just finished my short story for class that I have been trying (and failing) to write for a month. Depending on feedback, I might post it here for all of you to see. Unless my class says it’s bad. Then I’ll just be sobbing in a ball in my dorm room and won’t be able to post.

Kidding. Sort of.

Live long and stay average,




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