I’m Only Gunna Break-Break Your, Break-Break Your Rulz

Like “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz–check it out! I can’t help but think it’s catchy.

But a groovy song is not the point of this post. (And, yes, I did just call it groovy. Not an accurate description, I realize, since we are no longer living in the 1970’s and neither are we cast members of Scooby-Doo. But I like that word, so you’re going to just deal with it!)

The point is this: rules–the bad kind–have finally been brought to the Fourth Floor and mayhem is exploding from every crevice. We now have a curfew (have you ever heard something so ridiculous– a college student curfew???) We are no longer allowed to socialize in the hall after 10 o’clock in the PM.

And once again the floor seems to be divided into two segments. Those willing to protest peacefully (or as peacefully as the patience of a college student will allow) and sit out in the hall after 10–not caring about the rule(s)–and those who want to fight. Literally. The gloves are coming ON as the boxers enter the ring, their coaches screaming from the sidelines, “Win this! Win this for the team!”

Although, I feel it is prudent to say that the teams are not exactly even. Like I told you before, 2 girls vs. the rest of the hall. Do you not agree that the majority vote should rule? But, as it turns out, this is not a democracy that we live in! Even though it’s a democracy we pay for $$$

Sorry, this metaphor is starting to confuse even me. Let’s move on, shall we?

I keep telling everyone that fighting is rude, especially when it’s with your hall neighbor. (Okay, so I’m telling them that in my head which is as useless as one would expect). What’s an average college student to do? When I think of something, I’ll let you know! Even though, I can’t lie, the tension affects even me. It’s the herd mentality. When one gets angry they ALL get angry!

Plus, and you might find me to be an awful person for saying so, but it really is the only excitement we get all week. We sleep, eat, go to class, eat, sleep, again and again. Really, it’s like a heard of cattle, only slightly more intelligent. Then, all of the sudden, when there’s even a hint of gossip, it’s like bugs to a lamp!

Wow, I just called us bugs and cattle in one mini-paragraph. I really need a nap.

Unfortunately, this is all I have for you right now. The Fourth Floor is starting to lose its mojo as members keep disappearing and rules continue to mount. But don’t worry. If I’ve learned anything since I’ve been here, it’s that nothing is to be expected on the Fourth Floor. The most interesting things occur when no one is watching (and then we gossip about it later). So, patience, my dear averages. More news to come soon.

Until then, be safe, be cool, be average,




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