My Average Bucket List

This is truly my bucket list. And, yes, it is average (depending on your definition, of course). My definition is that average is awesome. My bucket list is reflective of this. You are free to laugh at the things on my list if you would like–I wouldn’t know anyway. But I will accomplish them all! I am a determined average person.

And a determined average person is a dangerous one!!!



1) Find the Loch Ness Monster

2) Write a bestselling novel

3) Be the voice of a Disney princess (the kind that sing because, let’s be honest, those would be way more fun)


Yeah, well…that’s actually it so far. I know, not a very big bucket list. Although, I guess I could add minor things like:


4) Travel to Europe

5) Build my mansion in Ireland (with the sheep, hills, and grass–which is all I really know about Ireland)


Okay, now there’s nothing left–yet. It is still growing. Although, I do have the memory of a fish (1 second) and am probably not remembering half of the stuff on my list.

I’ll tell you if I remember,



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