Mini Post About Nothing #5: Things Other People’s Siblings Say

Note: Check out A Marginal Tale for a 6-Panel update!!!!

Here’s the story of Mazda’s little brother, Pauley (4 years old), and her little sister, Jazz (6). One day when Jazz was playing dress-up with her princess clothes, Pauley walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a carrot stick and sat at the table, a frown playing over his face as he stared at his sister–dressed as a flapper princess.

“What do you want?!” She demanded as she caught him staring.

He pursed his lips but said nothing.

“I said, what do you want?” Now she was shrieking, but Pauley only narrowed his eyes, tilting his head to the side.

“I will tell mom if you do not leave me alone. Eat your snack somewhere else…(this speech continues for a little while)…and if you don’t go away I won’t let you use my DS!”

Pauley stared.

“I’m sorry,” he said eventually. “I just can’t take you seriously in that hat.”


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