Keep Your Spit To Yourself

This is a post I have been meaning to write for a while now but keep forgetting to. It’s my version of a Public Service Announcement that can apply to anyone in the world. I have seen it a lot recently and–before college–it was never this obvious. Here it is:

Dear People of the World,

Please keep your saliva in your mouth and stop spitting it out on the ground where other people are walking. It’s disgusting, you look ridiculous, and the person behind you does not want to step in your mouth gunk. The least you could do is spit in the grass, but no, it has to be in the middle of the sidewalk where a bunch of other students are trying to get to class!

I don’t know if this bothers anyone else or if it’s just me, but this needs to stop. Ew. It’s like the people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Why? Just…


But this post is about spitting. To all of those reading this who may be one of those spitters: please stop. That’s yucky. I don’t know, maybe you have a medical thing where you have to spit–does that even exist?–but can you please not do it in the middle of/on the sidewalk. That would be great, thanks.


A seriously grossed out college student.

A.K.A. Mel


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