It’s Snowing on My Blog!!! (Does That Happen to Everyone?)

I go to my WordPress site to find out that it is snowing! I know that it probably happens to everyone but I felt special–after I realized that my computer was not going to blow up. I wasn’t sure if it was broken or not. I had a panic attack for a second. It’s all good now. They really should have a small sign that says, “it’s snowing”, just so slower people like me will know that their screen is not dying.

But what I really wanted to show you was this video I came across on the YouTube. It made me laugh because I can’t figure out who would do this in real life. I laughed for about an hour because I have an inkling my dad might turn into this man. Except my dad’s not Scottish. So…yeah. Watch this:

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this is funny. But he’s sticking his face in whiskey! What???

There was something else I was going to talk about in this post and then the snow thing caught me off guard. So, I might be writing a second post later.

Peace Home Skillets!



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