The Fourth Floor Is Going Out With A Bang

If you thought that we could be put down so easily, you were wrong!!! The Fourth Floor does not take kindly to restrictions, and even worse is someone telling us that the next step is–drum roll please–charging us with disorderly conduct. Um, no, that’s not going to work for us. So, this is how it’s about to go down: air horns, blasting music, and shouting galore. There’s about to be a massive party on the Fourth Floor and everyone is invited.

Okay, maybe not everyone. Just the people who have key cards and can get up to the fourth floor.

It’s one thing to give us a curfew but to tell us we are no longer able to socialize in the hallway–period–is something that people are not taking well. But they can’t do much if the music that’s blasting, the screaming people, and the air horns are in our rooms (doors wide open)–a place beyond their control.

There will be more to come about this plan at a later time (tomorrow perhaps?) I have to run now because there are people walking around without shirts screaming Shakira music.

But, to those trying to suppress the beast: just wait. This is about to be a full blow revolt and don’t pretend I didn’t warn you. Till next time, I’m bunkering down and staying protected. I suggest you do the same.

Signing off from the war zone,



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