The End of the World May Be Coming Earlier Than We Thought: Part I

Hello everyone reading this blog ūüôā I’m inserting this really quick disclaimer before I go on with my post, just in case: this blog is written with fictionalized characters, anything resembling true people–dead or alive–must be my psychic powers at work.

Okay, now that that’s said. You wouldn’t believe the crazy that has just found its way to the Fourth Floor. $460 dollars has somehow found its way out of the pockets of 7 different people and into the grubby hands of some other third-party unknown (except everyone knows exactly who it is–but I’ll get to that later). $260 of said money was stolen last night alone, and the fireworks have only just begun. I may have a flair for the dramatic, but I kid you not when I tell you that a full-on brawl was about to go down right outside of my door. If it wasn’t for the R.A.s and our Hall Director–we’ll call her Camille–there would have been blood.

But let me start at the beginning. You may draw your own conclusions as you wish, but be aware that my own biases may be leaking into these facts–since, you know, I’m writing this. However, the evidence is as follows:

On the night in question (last night) there were two instances when the person in question (let’s call her Debbie) was somewhere she shouldn’t be. For example, first she asks my lovely hall neighbors Kayla and Stephanie if she can have a fork. They say yes, of course, because there was no reason for them to think anything of it. (We have since discovered that Debbie AND her roommate Joanna both have numerous forks, and there was no need for her to ask for one). When she comes out she is extremely excited to go to Walmart (a proposition she was not as eager to accept before entering the room). In fact, she was the sole¬†instigator¬†of the trek to the store.

While she was gone, the money was discovered to be missing. Two twenty-dollar bills. Who was the only person to have gone into Kayla and Stephanie’s room? The same person that asked for a fork? But the shadiness¬†does not stop there.

Upon the return of the four girls that had ventured to the Walmart, it was discovered that Debbie had spent a large sum of money that–up until that point–she was claiming she didn’t have. According to Debbie, her parents send her a monthly¬†allowance¬†put straight into her bank account. Only problem? She just recently lost her debit card. Oh, and she broke someone’s laptop that she needs to pay for.

Coincidence upon coincidence, the money she used to pay for the numerous groceries she had bought (at the time, the girls that had gone with her had said to each other it was odd that she was buying so much) was exactly two twenty-dollar bills. Strange, but according to Camille, not proof enough.

It was only after this discovery that Amber, another super nice girl from the other end of the hall, realized she had $100 dollars missing from where it had been tucked (super hidden) in her drawer. Strangely, the only people who had been in Amber’s room since the last time she had checked the money was her good friend and roommate Jamie, another friend Charlotte, and–guess who?–Debbie.

…the story will continue in Part II (so there isn’t one super-long-mega post)…


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