The End of the World May Be Coming Earlier Than We Thought: Part II

I told you our supposed mystery thief had been 2 places she wasn’t supposed to be. The second was in Missy and Melanie’s room. Melanie has been really sick lately and, last night, was knocked unconscious with some NyQuil. While she was sleeping, Debbie walked in and asked if she could borrow a skillet. She was the only one to go into the room aside from Missy and Melanie (both of whom work hard for their money). Mainly because nobody wants to be in the room of someone who’s sick, especially when colds are so catching in college.

In the morning when Melanie was looking for money to buy a soda, she found an empty space where $140 used to be.

Now the entire hall is on edge as the hunt for the missing money commences. Whether or not Debbie is the actual culprit, there is no concrete evidence, but things people have witnessed, strange behavior, and bizarre, contradictory comments are leading straight to her door. The money may never be found but now the police are getting involved. One way or another, someone is going down before the end of the semester.

And all this average teen wants to do is get A’s on her end-of-semester exams (which is totally not going to happen because Psychology is freaking hard). If you have any tips, let me know! Maybe you’re a super-secret-spy FBI Agent that can solve our not-so-mysterious thief problem.

Who knows, maybe it’s been a ghost this whole time and we’ve been blaming the wrong person. Not likely, but still…Wish us luck.

I’m ‘a cutta skank with a light saber. Anyone got one they’re willing to let me borrow?



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