Mini Post About Nothing #6: A Marginal Tale Ends

Because my first semester at college is coming to a close, (I still cannot wrap my mind around that), so has A Marginal Tale. It was fun while it lasted–though not the math class it got created in–and due to the fact that I just finished my last math class today, I thought it only appropriate to end the story that has–I know–fascinated you all.

Who knew doodles could be so…

There’s not even a word for it.

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if something similar to this story should pop up again sometime. I’m sure I’m going to have at least one boring class next semester. Only time will tell what this next story will be.

So, if you haven’t yet, take a peek at what I did during math class (because I most definitely was not learning math). I hope you enjoy the conclusion and happy holidays to everyone!


(Right now it’s being a super turd and some of the pictures are not showing up. I’m trying to fix–sorry!)


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