Teen Angst Leads to A Lack of Real People

“I miss animals…and real people.”

Kayla said that on our way to our Psychology exam (which was a curse word and a half by the way). On the surface, the words don’t make sense, but if you’ve ever been on a college campus in your life it totally does. It’s like a mini-town made up of–on average–18 to 20 somethings and staff. That means the only non-student adults we see every day are our professors. Even most of the campus jobs are manned by kids.

I’m just glad I don’t have to live here forever. Without weekends and vacations I think I might go insane. I love my friends but I can only tolerate a student-only lifestyle for so long. It was agreed upon among my friends that the same thing tends to happen every week. On average, by Thursday you’re ready to pull your hair out–tired of life on campus. Then, by Sunday night, you can’t wait to come back to see your friends again. I think this is because of what Kayla said–we’re constantly surrounded by angsty kids our own age. Like we need any more angst!

But I also wanted to post this post before I got carried away with all of the packing/studying/and goings on of pre-vacation stuff on campus. Four awesome people are leaving the Fourth Floor this semester, and I plan to give them a perfectly average goodbye with a poem I am about to make up on the spot. Ready? Go!

This first semester has been really swell

I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you so well

We’ve had troubles and fights

Had money stolen and movie nights

And been annoyed by the Train from Hell

It is sad to see you go

But we all have cars, you know

So before this poem gets any worse

I’ll leave you with one last verse

you must come visit or we might just show up at your house one day uninvited-oh

So, not the best poem in the world, but it has its good points. The message is still the same, however, and they will be missed on the Fourth Floor. So, lovely readers, please give a warm goodbye to Kayla, Stephanie, Haley, and Trish. However, if we ever do get that T.V. show that we totally deserve, they will definitely be coming back.

No, seriously, we really should have a T.V. show. The Fourth Floor is that insane. MTV, if you’re reading this: look me up!



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