Evil Goats and Some Very Confused Animals

I wrangled a goat today. If you’ve been following along with this blog, then you would have seen him in a past post. As a reminder, he looks like this:


The scary devil goat has somehow found his way out of the pasture twice now and I have a feeling he will keep at it until the end of time (unless my neighbors can figure out how he’s escaping). It wouldn’t be so hard getting him back into the stupid fence if he actually let humans touch him, but no, he hates them. The other goat? Oh, he’s fine. In fact, he thinks he’s a dog. He’ll jump up on your leg like it’s no big deal. But not this goat. Never this goat.

So, while I distracted the other goat, two horses, four kittens, a donkey, and a pig, my grandma’s neighbor herded the goat back into the pasture and that was that. Until the goat–his name is Ross (that’s actually his real name)–started attacking the kittens. He  stuck his tongue out and make this very, very bizarre noise. It was not a normal goat noise. And then he ran around after the cats with his horns pointed out. Until he pissed off one of the horses and got chased all the way around the pasture. I guess he thought he was the same size as the horse (his ego definitely is) because he kept bucking him in the leg. Stupid goat. It was quite entertaining.

Then one of the horses tried to eat the pig’s tail. The pig who thinks he belongs to the donkey. They’re very confused animals.

And  there were cats there, too. Four kittens who I couldn’t stop petting even though I’m definitely allergic. Really, really allergic. It wasn’t my best decision. I still can’t breathe through my nose.

The pasture was just full of crazy today.

Sorry this post was kind of short, I have to go practice singing. Because singing always needs practice! La la la la la!



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