Holiday Greetings From An Average Teenager

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely holiday season and is not having too many problems with the dear old family. I come from a very large extended family so the Christmas and New Years season tends to get crazy with a capital “HOLY CRAP, I CANNOT BELIEVE SUZY JUST DID THAT!!!”

At least I can’t say it’s not entertaining. Especially when they break out the wine and the Christmas carol game at the same time. Then it’s just a blast and a half. But I love my family, and it’s always a better idea to embrace the crazy. You know why? Because, believe it or not wonderful, average people: we’re going to be just like our parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents when we’re older. Oh. Joy.

Except, unlike my parents, I plan to be a bestselling author by the time I’m thirty. Think it will happen? It’s on my bucket list. (Then again, so is finding the Loch Ness Monster and we all know how likely that is… VERY LIKELY, of course!)

Well, I’ll keep this post brief so you can all get back to your celebrating and/or scrooge-ing; whatever your little hearts desire. I want to share with you a video before I go. It’s by David Sedaris, a comedy writer with the voice to match, reading his piece Six to Eight Black Men. If you have never heard/read this before, it’s about Christmas traditions in different countries, and is laugh-out-loud funny. At least, it is to me. So, as you celebrate this holiday season, just remember that your traditions may not be the most outlandish in the world!

Happy (only kind of crazy) Holidays!



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