The Most Wonderful Thing About Tigger Is That He Works At Subway

I want to start this blog by apologizing for the random, and more recently, infrequent posts. I have decided from here on out to set a schedule for myself. And by schedule, I mean that I am going to pick a day out of the week to make blog posts. This way I can get used to a set pattern and not write blog posts as a form of procrastination instead of doing my actual, mandatory work. Oops. I’m thinking Sunday, but I’ll let you know what I decide 🙂

However, that is not the point of today’s post. I have recently come home for a short stay while I’m on break from college, university, uni…I think those are the only other versions of the word I know. Because I’ve been away so long–and I really didn’t have this blog until just before I left for school–I never really told you about how odd my city is. And not just my city (because in the suburbs they all kind of run together), but the entire area around where I live is just bizarre. Funny and cool, but also very bizarre.

For example, across the street from my high school is a pregnancy center. Yeah, we could never get over the irony of it either. But even funnier is the fact that right next to it is the Speedway gas station (which in itself is not funny but just wait, the funny part comes next). Every day at least half the school stops in for a slurpee, candy, or coffee, and when there’s no room in the speedway lot (which there hardly ever is) guess where you have to park? You guessed it: the pregnancy center. And when the people who step out of your car are a bunch of girls…well, you can see how that might be a bit strange, right? It’s also a good place to people watch. Those who live around that area know there’s a school nearby, and are used to seeing groups of teens walk from the pregnancy center to the Speedway. So it’s not hard to pick out the people who don’t go by that particular street much because they always give you “the look” in passing. You know the one I’m talking about: like they’ve just seen something super scandalous. Which, of course, makes it all the more entertaining.

Then there’s the guy at the Subway who not only has ADD but is high 24/7. I know because his eyes are constantly bloodshot and every time you walk in (and I literally mean every time–it’s like he never goes home) he will tell you his life story. Again. Even if you just saw him yesterday. He kind of reminds me of Tigger because he’s constantly moving around. He dances while he makes the sandwiches and raps to the Eminem songs blasting from the radio. Once you get over the fact that the man making your meal is high, it really is quite funny. At least he’s nice, you know? He could be a cranky high person. I mean, I don’t make it my life’s mission to hang around people who do drugs, so I don’t know if cranky high people exist, but I would have to think yes.

I have more stories to tell but I don’t want to make this post a billion years long, so I think I’ll do a part two in the near future; maybe on Sunday. I don’t know, Sunday just seems like a great day for stories, right? Leave a comment if you think a different day would be better, but I’m currently liking the Sunday idea.

Anyhoot, look out for my next post. And remember: the most wonderful thing about average teenagers is that we’re not the only ones! Assuming that you are both average and a teenager (which on this blog is totally a cool thing). If you’re not, you may disregard that last sentence and leave me on the island all by myself. Just me, sitting here, stranded and alone…



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