Query Letters Make You Want to Jump of the Cliff the Earthquake Made

We had an earthquake drill today. Um…what? Yes, that’s right, earthquakes. In southern America. *Cough*Cough–we don’t have earthquakes here. Apparently–according to the campus-wide text the university sent out–it’s national earthquake month. Which doesn’t even make sense because the majority of America does not have earthquakes. Apparently they failed to let the professors know this because most of them are up-in-arms. They don’t like their classes being interrupted. I mean, I was cool with it. We got out 45 minutes early, so…

Then, after all of that, they sent out another text which said: BTW this was a test. An. Earthquake. Test. Who does that??? Maybe I should have stayed in Michigan. Oh well.

But the worst part about the whole thing was the fact that my professor completely ditched us. Most of the students just walked back to their classrooms after a little while and classes resumed. Well, not ours. And again, I don’t particularly care because I got out early. But the fact remains that if it had been a real earthquake, our teacher totally left us hanging. She was just like: “well, you guys can get crushed by buildings, I’m out.” She’s not young either, she’s old and she’s mean. Did Titanic teach her nothing? Save the youths!

Fine, I see how it is, lady. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes–and it will eventually–I’m feeding you to them first.

But that’s not the only thing that has been troubling me of late. No one ever told me that ‘writing the book’ isn’t the hardest part of writing a book. And, to my surprise, neither is the editing part. Oh, no. No one ever told me how freaking difficult a query letter and synopsis are to write!!! I’m going out of my mind over here. Finally, I sent out my query letter. There was only so much I could do with that before it made my brain explode. But now one of the agents has requested a synopsis and it is even harder! (If that’s possible).

So, for the record, if any one of you is interested in writing a novel: if you can survive the query and synopsis writing part, I think you’re good. Now I’m going to go back to stuffing my face with pretzels and trying to find the solutions to life’s problems. SO MANY PROBLEMS! Not really, that was just me being dramatic.




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