This is an Informative Post

Okay, I am super excited to tell you guys about something new I’m going to be doing on Sundays!!! I will be co-writing a novel with a good friend of mine and fellow blogger JuliatheWriterGirl, and we will be posting new chapters on our blogs bi-weekly. This means that starting this Sunday, I will be posting Chapter 1 and the following Wednesday she will post Chapter 2, and so an and so forth.

We really wanted to write something that would be funny, spontaneous, and not bound by any genres. So be prepared for anything. It’s going to be great! I can feel it.

Julia is a writer, too, which is what her awesome blog is all about. I will give you a link at the bottom of this post so you can check out her site! There’s tons of really cool pieces of writing and just general advice and tips. I will also provide a link after every chapter entry so you can follow along with the novel as it goes.

I’ve given some hints in the tags about what may be coming in our novel, but because nothing is off limits, it is going to be crazy with a capital woo-hoo!

Now, because I’ll be doing chapter posts on Sunday, I will be moving the day of my regular blog posting to Saturday.

A rather large pile of homework is threatening to kill me now, so I shall talk to you cool cats later.


Check out Julia:


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