50 Things About Me

Happy Saturday everyone! This is my 100th post (oooh, ahhh) so I thought I’d do something a little different today. Here is a list of 50 (all true) facts about me, myself, and I. I was going to do a list of 100 but I couldn’t think of 100 things and then I got bored, so I figure 50 x 2 = 100. Magic.

1)      My favorite color is periwinkle; the color of the flower not the pastel color that has somehow come to be known as periwinkle.

2)      I have the saddest fears in the history of the world. I am terrified of needles (relatively common),

3)      Seaweed (not very common),

4)      and butterflies (plain sissy—but they’re so scary!)

5)      My favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

6)      My favorite candy bar is Twix.

7)      The best snack in the world: a 32 ounce Coke slurpee with a splash of blue raspberry at the top and a bag of Twizzlers.

8)      My favorite book is Peter Pan.

9)      My favorite song is Hallelujah (Rufus Wainwright’s version).

10)  Crying people make me uncomfortable (does that make me a bad person?)

11)  Crayons and coloring books are great stress relievers.

12)  Beef jerky is the best travel food.

13)  I hate technology!!!!

14)  I am extremely awkward in front of cameras. It’s really bad.

15)  I would live in Barnes & Noble if I could.

16)  I giggle when I’m nervous.

17)  When I’m hyper, my filter just disappears and I tend to say mean/stupid/embarrassing things on accident.

18)  I don’t remember the name of my favorite ice cream flavor but it’s from Baskin Robins. It’s some kind of rainbow sherbet with blue, purple, and green coloring, and it tastes like a fruit roll-up.

19)  My favorite authors are J.M. Barrie and Lewis Carroll—tied for first.

20)  I hate the feeling of socks rubbing together (it makes me gag).

21)  I have brown hair and brown eyes.

22)  I’m tall for a female: 5’9.

23)  My favorite non-domestic animal is a wolf.

24)  I have anger management issues (not really). I’m actually one of those people who is really, really quiet and no one knows when I’m angry until one day something small—or big—makes me explode and I terrify the people around me with my wrath.

25)  I want to go to England and Ireland really badly.

26)  I have been really, really, really lucky in the fact that my family loves (and has the ability) to cruise, and I have been to over…10 countries, I think.

27)  I sunburn really easily. While most people tan, I belong to that 1% of people who get sunburn through their spf50 block and when it disappears there is still pale skin. No tan. Maybe some salt reside from my tears. I kid.

28)  Even though I’m an English major (creative writing major, professional writing minor) I suck at spelling. Not terribly bad, but I’m constantly thinking that a word looks funny and then I question myself on it, and I can’t ever make a decision. It’s a problem.

29)  I love to mark wrong answers. Do you remember the times in middle school when your teacher would have you trade papers and mark things wrong? I was one of those secretly sadistic kids who hoped the person whose paper I had did badly so I could mark stuff wrong. Does that make me a bad person? Probably.

30)  I abuse (not on purpose) my personal belongings. I drop everything. It’s probably why I don’t have an Iphone. That, and the fact that there’s no way I’m paying an extra $30 a month on my phone bill.

31) I love steak. For that reason alone, I could never be a vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cows, but I also like to eat the cows…sorry?

32)  I have over 200 books just chilling in my room at home right now. I’m pretty sure it’s a fire hazard. No big deal.

33)  My mom told me that I wasn’t allowed to bring any of my books with me to college because it would be too much to haul back and forth, so I secretly packed some in a box which I made my little sister carry up the stairs (all 4 flights). She’s seventeen, it wasn’t child labor. (Was it?)

34)  I have a weird obsession with dry-erase boards. I actually have a 6 x 4 foot one hanging in my room. Best. Christmas. Ever.

35)  I know all the words to every Disney song every released. Almost. (I’m very close).

36)  I listen to country music and classical music primarily. I can’t listen to words when I’m writing or I accidentally start typing what I’m listening too. It’s very strange to edit later.

37)  I can sing a high E, which sits six places above the music staff.

38)  I love to watch the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie while I’m cleaning. I have seen it so many times now that—and I kid you not (it’s really embarrassing)—I can quote the majority of the movie from beginning to end. I don’t really like the show (except for the episode where Squidward conducts the rock band for the football game) but I LOVE the movie.

39)  I’m not a big fan of kids. Kids are not a big fan of me. The hatred is mutual.

40)  I don’t like the colors on the warm side of the color reel. (Red, orange, yellow, etc.)

41)  I have a sweet tooth the size of Canada. I kid you not. I actually think I’m addicted to sweets.

42)  I love to run but treadmills drive me nuts because I don’t actually going anywhere.

43)  Math hates me.

44)  I work really well with color, so my notebooks and folders for class are all color-coated, and I write with a different colored pen every day. It keeps me focused and entertained.

45)  I am allergic to the world. Tree nuts (deathly allergic), sesame seeds, chick peas, mold, dust mites, cats, dogs, trees, pollen, grass, nickel, etc. My friends always joke that I should be put into a plastic bubble, but let’s be honest: I would probably become allergic to plastic.

46)  Original Pringles are the best chips in the world.

47)  I LOVE scary movies!!!

48)  I am the clumsiest person I know. I also seem to attract strange incidents (like one time I got my tongue stuck in my braces—still not sure how that happened—and had to arm-wrestle my friend’s pen from her hand so she could tell the teacher and I could go to the hospital. I also stapled my fingers together. Oops.)

49)  I’m not good with pain and yet I have a tattoo. It’s on my left shoulder. It’s the compass rose from Peter Pan. It’s awesome.

50)  I love tea. Iced tea, hot tea, whatever. I’m secretly British. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, I’m a spy.

So that’s that, fifty facts about moi! I hope you don’t think less of me after my sharing this with you, and I hope you will continue to read along with my crazy, random, average rants 🙂 And don’t forget to check in tomorrow for This is a Book Chapter Seven. If you haven’t read Chapter Six yet, it’s up on Julia’s blog!

Cio mia bellezze! (Sorry if my Italian is wrong. I tried.)



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