College Problems 101 (My Top 10)

Sorry this post is coming late. It’s been a swarm of crazy around my house the past few days (I’m back in Michigan on break) and I completely forgot to post. My This is a Book chapter will also be coming late (probably tomorrow).

However, this is a post about the hardships of college–the average kinds of course–and how I (and my amigos) have…(not)…overcome them.

1) In college they tell you that you have the ability to choose classes to fit whatever schedule you want. Except when you’re a Freshman and get stuck with all the 8 am classes. LIES!!!!

2) Trying to get into a high lofted bed when you’re tired. I try running leaps, climbing, jumping off a chair, until finally I give up and look something like this:

3) If I never eat campus food again it will be too soon and I’m not even done yet with my first year. I’ve had so much Chick-fil-a I’m going to literally turn into a chicken. Yum.

4) Walking up and down four flights of stairs over and over and over and over and over and over…and over. We don’t have an elevator. I’ve had enough exercise for the rest of my life.

5) Drunk people are VERY loud.

6) It’s very difficult to make good eating decisions because all the schools offer is junk food and pizza. I love junk food and pizza. Do you see my problem? I cannot resist!

7) You have to actually keep track of your money and bank account and most people get jobs and we’re supposed to be responsible adults but it’s not fun and I want to watch Netflix all the time but apparently that’s frowned upon because it makes your grades go down and blah, blah, blah.

8) Netflix. Enough said.

9) It’s not hard to get distracted while studying. In fact, this aspect is much like high school. Studying habits do not get better. In fact, they probably get worse. (Again-Netflix).

10) Netflix again. Really, it’s just Netflix.

If you need to get caught up with This is a Book, check out my new page! New chapter tomorrow!!!


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