Mini Post About Nothing #13: Airports Are Like a Box of Chocolates

Sorry for the super long tootle. I’m currently writing this on a tablet that the NYC airport has just chilling for anyone to use. They have hundreds of them and you don’t have to pay. It’s beautiful. I also don’t have money to buy the wifi thing so this is my only option to post. Heavens, it’s going to take forever!

So, what have I seen so far? Well, I have finally gained the knowledge that I need (with my own eyes) that Santa does, indeed, exist, and that he travels south in his off months. We crossed paths in Nashville where I am almost certain he was on his way back north for new Christmas preparations. It was pretty epic.

I also hitched a ride on the smallest plane I have ever seen in my life. We were literally on top of each other, and then to top it off, they told us there would be extreme turbulence” for our dissent. Because that’s not freaky at all! It ended up that it was just normal stuff, but seriously, let’s maybe choose a better way of saying that. Like: “hey, folks, Bickel up it’s going to get a bit bumpy”. Not: “please buckle your seat belts and expect EXTREME TURBULENCE.”

So, yeah, that happened too.

I need a nap so bad right now. I got up at 6 in the a.m. after going to bed at 1. Whoops, my bad.

So, my first impression of New York…why are there no trees? More than that, how do the people breathe here without threes? How am I breathing without trees? Maybe coming from Michigan I take trees for granted, but I swear the state of New York has two. Maybe. Or maybe I just need to leave the airport to find the rest. Like a treasure hunt with nature!

Sorry if spelling and grammar in this posts are really bad, this stupid iPad has an automatic correct thing that is trying to tell me how to type. BUT IT’S WRONG!!!

I’ll write more later on my laptop (hopefully). Tell me if any of you see Santa. Codename: Santa’s on the move.




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