Mini Post About Nothing #14: The Luxury that is Sleep

I have a brand new appreciation for sleep–not that I didn’t appreciate it before. I’m one of those people who is extremely cranky when they get anything less than eight hours. 15 hours total in 3 days is not enough. Now top that with sitting in a dimly lit room listening to writers talk, and a person can get really, really sleepy.

Even so, the Writer’s Digest Conference was awesome! I learned a ton of great information, got to meet some pretty cool people, and got four partial manuscript requests from agents. Oooh…aaaah.

I also had the chance to witness some pretty crazy people in action. I have a new understanding of why people think writers are so strange. There were people who thought they were their characters, people who didn’t understand what the word “no” meant, people who thought they were the absolute best, people who wore clothes that were…um…for lack of a better word…odd.

I definitely found the average people in New York City!

Overall, it was great 🙂

Now I’m watching the final game of March Madness (that’s the BIG college basketball tournament in America); the University of Michigan vs. the University of Louisville.

GO BLUE!!! (That’s Michigan, by the way).


P.S. Don’t forget: there will be a new chapter of This is a Book on Julia’s blog Thursday!


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