Things I Do When I’m Bored/ Procrastination Nation

When I was pondering these two topics, I realized that they have a lot of overlapping subjects, so I thought: I’ll merge them! Thus, the title with identity issues.

Side note: I think I have typed more today than ever in my life. I’ve started a new novel, written a short story, edited the beginning of my first novel, sent queries to multiple agents, and am now writing this blog post. I also have to write an essay after this. I think my fingers are going to fall off. Or my stomach will explode. Whatever happens first. I’ve also been shoveling chocolate chip Teddy Grams into my mouth like there’s no tomorrow.

Let’s be honest: you love them too. Where I grew up in Michigan, you were the cool kid if you had chocolate chip Teddy Grams. Maybe it was because they looked fancier than all of the other flavors, who knows. But I literally bought this box yesterday, and now they’re almost gone…oops.

So, thing #1 I do when I’m bored and/or trying to procrastinate? I eat. A lot. I know this is a really bad habit, but the food always tastes so good. Especially beef jerky, I love that stuff. Sorry vegetarians. My inner fat kid is ALWAYS hungry.

You know, I’ve never understood that saying. Wouldn’t it be your inner skinny kid? Because skinny people must be hungrier. They don’t eat a lot, that’s why they’re skinny! Just a thought.

#2: Youtube. That’s it, really. I follow a bunch of really attractive British guys (yes, I fall into that category) and a bunch of comedians. I could literally spend 24/7 on Youtube, I choose not to (lie), or (more realistic) my computer throws a temper tantrum and shuts down on me.

#3: Netflix. I’ve told you about my obsession before. It’s bad. Really, really bad. I’ve currently found myself addicted to Korean dramas. I have absolutely no idea why. My mom keeps sending me emails about what keeps popping up in the suggestion boxes on our Netflix queue, and I don’t know what to tell her. It’s like brain-mush. The story lines have plot holes (pun! like potholes…yes?yes?), the actors are cheesy, and they cry way to much, but I can’t stop watching.

It kind of reminds me of the live action Scooby-Doo movie– (I know what you’re thinking: here she goes again about a reference no one will remember!) –where the college students are being brainwashed by a really creepy movie from the fifties or seventies or something. I just remember thinking the woman’s voice on the video was super creepy.

#4: When I was younger I would walk in circles. Yeah, I don’t know about that one, so don’t ask.

#5: Exercise.

Haha, yeah right. Although, I do like to run/jog. Just not in front of anyone.

#6: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. I don’t friend/follow a bagillion people, though, so the feeds tend to stay the same. I just pretend like I don’t know this fact, and check them over and over anyway.

#7: Watch a major marathon of Criminal Minds. I love that show so much.

#8: Read. This would usually be number one on my list, except funds are low right now, so I don’t have any books to read at the moment.

#9: Re-read old books. I do this a lot. I think I’ve read my top five favorite books about…I don’t know…100 times each. I can literally quote, verbatim, the first page of Peter Pan. Yep…

and #10: Sleep. Why not?

I will be signing off now because I can no longer feel my fingers. I’m going to have carpel tunnel before I’m thirty. Oh boy, that’s something to look forward to! (Sarcasm, just in case you didn’t catch that).

Forever average,



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