YOU MUST READ THIS POST: Everyone’s a Character

This is just a reminder that you have two days left (well, today and tomorrow, so I guess that’s more like a day and a half–technicalities) to build a character for This is a Book!

If you have not read This is a Book or have catching up to do, click on the page at the top of this blog entitled This is a Book, and follow the links to the different chapters.

That being said, even if you haven’t read the book, WE STILL WANT YOUR CHARACTERS! Make them as wacky crazy/psycho/fantastical/strange as you want, we will take them all! It’s simple, just fill out a form that looks like this:






and post it in the comments section anywhere on this blog or on the blog of my co-writing partinaire JuliatheWriterGirl.

After Thursday at midnight, we will collect all of your crazy character creations and put them in a poll so that you can choose the upcoming character(s) in our novel!

The more characters you guys create, the more fun this will be!!!!

Still, you might be thinking: “it would be helpful if I knew what has happened in the book so far without having to go back and read every chapter”. If this is your thought, think no more! (Well, you should still think, but you get what I’m throwing down…right?) So:

Extremely summy sum-up of This is a Book so far. (Of course, I still suggest reading the whole thing because it’s great–personal bias right there).

Rose is a ghost-zombie-pirate that has somehow misplaced her heart. Literally.

Mary is a government worker (*cough*cough assassin) hired to prevent an alien invasion, currently on the run since “accidentally” running over a U.S. diplomat with a double-decker bus in London, England.

For the past year, the two have been working together to gather information on the pending invasion, but when a dead body washes ashore on the Thames river, they are confronted with a new array of problems (you know, besides the fact that Mary can see dead people). Now they must not only solve the murder of a guy who may not be dead, but pay a visit to a mysterious king, the ruler of Norland–a place neither here nor there–who may have some of the answers they’ve been seeking…

Like I said, it’s a very, very short plot summary. Some of the characters I left out were an old fortune-telling gypsy, a fairy/pixie (because who really knows the difference?) who acts as their guide to Norland, a newspaper editor who can see Rose (whom he thinks is a zombie, not a ghost, but again with the difference thing), and the third main character, Randy: thief/partner/flat-mate of Mary.

I’m telling you, I think it’s worth the read.

CHARACTER CREATION IS STILL OPEN FOR TWO MORE DAYS, POST IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!! We want to see your beautiful, crazy ideas! Yes, that means you reader-who-has-never-been-to-this-blog-before-and-has-no-idea-what-I’m-talking-about! What character have you always wanted to see in a book but didn’t think that he/she/it was realistic enough? We don’t care about realistic!

Heck, we threw realistic out the window a long time ago 🙂


…I can’t even…


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