The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to my lovely amigo, JuliatheWriterGirl, I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Oooooh, ahhhh. Aside from being super cool, Julia is also the person writing This is a Book with me. If you haven’t checked her out yet, I highly suggest you go do so.

In order to accept this nomination, I must tell you seven things about myself (that you wouldn’t already know)…hmm…

1) I can’t dance. At all. I am the epitome of the awkward white person trying to dance. It doesn’t work, it’s very sad, and I’m sorry for anyone who has ever had to experience the trauma of my dance moves in the past. I would pay for your mental health insurance, but I have no money.

2) I have a dog named Humphrey, and he is a turd. I may have mentioned this in previous posts, but my dog hates me. I picked him out, gave him his name, and then he decided that he despised me. However, ever since I have come back from college, he has decided that he can tolerate me somewhat, and thus climbs on my every time I try to sleep on the couch.

3) I can’t draw worth anything. I am a doodle master–but I can’t draw. I mean, what else was I supposed to be doing in high school World History taught by one of the laziest people I have ever come across in my life (I’m not bitter). (That’s a lie, I am so bitter). So, doodles: YES! Drawing: oh, no…so sad. I think the typical response to something I’ve drawn is: “um…what’s that supposed to be?” My response? “Quality, that’s what that is. Quality crap.”

4) I’m not-so-secretly bad with children. They can sense my hesitation and slight dislike of their miniature species, I think. There’s a mutual avoidance from both sides. If a little kid is strolling down the sidewalk and we cross paths, there is usually a moment of silent sizing-up, and then we part ways without a single word. Children do not like me, I’m not their biggest fan, there is just a mutual distance between us that is perfectly fine.

5) I raised four fish from eggs to fully grown guppies on accident. When buying our fish, we intended to get a male, only the shopkeeper pulled out a female from the male tank instead. She told us it was likely she was pregnant but not to worry about it because fish have a way of “dealing” with their offspring (if you don’t know what I mean by this, don’t worry about it, it’s gross). So about a month went by and then, what do you know? Four little fishies were swimming around in our fish bowl with their mother. Then, weirder than weird (and we called our fish magical for this reason), about a month later, two more little fish showed up. We are still to this day confused as to how the second two just appeared, but they all survived into their grown-up years. And then they died. We also named them all after alcohol brands/drinks: Lemoncello, Martini, Jack Daniels, *oops, I forgot the other two* (no judging).

6) I LOVE the rain. I’m not sure if that makes me a depressing person or not, but right now it is raining outside and I’m super excited. I hate when it’s overcast, though. It has to be raining/thundering or doing something storm-like (although, rain is most definitely preferred).

7) I come from a massive extended family. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before or not, but I have 15 first cousins, and 14 aunts and uncles, all on one side of my family (this number has grown as people have gotten married, had babies, etc.). I love coming from a big family, especially since we’re all close,  and we try get together as much as possible with everyone’s busy schedules. This summer I’m actually going down to Tennessee to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins along with a large portion of my family still in Michigan, and I’m super psyched about it.

So yes, those are the facts about myself that are (hopefully) new to you. I know I’ve given facts about myself in the past, so hopefully none of these things are repeats.

I also am going to nominate:

*The Grimm Report

*Pauline Czarnecki at Take It or Leave It

*Justice at Just Justice

To accept the nomination (a.k.a. fulfill requirements), you must:

  1. Post the logo above.
  2. Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you.
  3. Share seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate blogs and inform them of the nomination.

I’ll will talk to you soon when we announce the characters that have made it into the finale of This is a Book! And, surprise of surprise, this may very well be postponed to sometime this weekend due to an unfortunate kitty death, (he’s now rolling around with the big yarn ball in the sky), but I’ll keep you updated.

P.S. It’s not my cat. I’m very allergic to cats (along with everything else).



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