Let’s Be Honest: In Star Trek, I’d Be a Red Shirt

I was so excited yesterday because I was finally going to post on time (for the first time in two months) and then–super surprise–I forgot. But at least I forgot for a good reason. I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness…for the 3rd time. IN 3D. Which did make it that much cooler, by the way. I am a HUGE Star Trek fan, so I knew from the beginning that I was going to the midnight premier of this thing no matter what (which I did), and it was awesome.

Now, I know there are lovers and haters out there, so there will be people who think this was the worst movie ever. I disagree. While there were  plot holes, I found them easy to ignore. But that could also be because of the fact that I’m simply a massive fan.

I highly suggest going to see it if you’re a fan of action/space adventure/alien/sci-fi movies at all. Even if you don’t know Star Trek, it’s still a good movie.

But now to the story part of this post.

If you know Star Trek at all, you will know that anyone in a red shirt/uniform has a much greater chance of dying. Logically, we can imagine that this is due to the fact that everyone in a red shirt is an engineer-maintenance person of some kind (and all of the deadly “issues” always tend to happen in their section(s) of the ship; like when the ‘bad guys’ are shooting phasers at them, and always end up cutting gaping holes in the engineering sections of the ship. You would think they would aim for the prow of the spaceship because it’s the place where the Captain and all of the most important crew members are…just saying…)

Anyway, during the midnight premier it was mostly the hard-core Trekkies that filled up the seats. Near the beginning of the film, there is a scene  where Captain Kirk instructs one of his crew members to go “put on a red shirt”, and the entire audience in my theater let out the most dramatic gasp I have ever heard. I’m pretty sure we all looked like this:

It was hilariously awesome.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch played an amazing Khan. His voice was magical to listen to, and I’m pretty sure Sophie nearly cried every time he came on the screen. She may be slightly (by which I mean majorly) in love with him. He did get the best/most dramatic one-liners throughout the entirety of the movie. And the most dramatic close-ups.

But that’s okay. He’s boss enough for that.

Khan surrounded by a bunch of red shirts??? Somebody’s about to get dead.



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