Oh, Wait… It’s the Weekend Again?

So it’s definitely Sunday night, which means that (to no surprise of my own) I am late once again delivering a post to all of you fantastical people. At least this time I have a valid excuse–work! I can’t tell if my legs just have cramps in them or if there is a crocodile trying to chew me apart limb from limb. The things we do to make money, right?

And it isn’t even as though my job is that bad. As jobs go it’s actually quite nice. I’m separated from the world behind my nerd-counter where I print stuff out and make things look lovely so that other people can go sell stuff to other other people and (hopefully) make money. Hurray! Still, even tucked away in my little niche of the shop, there are some weirdos who pass by.

Old grandpa men who think it’s okay to wink at you (it’s not), crazy soccer mom’s who have the *perky voice* GREATEST IDEAS EVER! and yet somehow never know what they want, the entitled know-it-all’s who think that they know how to do your job better than you and proceed to tell you how you should be doing it even though they don’t have one ounce of a freaking clue what it takes to produce their desired product, and–deep breath–last but not least, the person who thinks that sitting behind that counter somehow gives you magical creative powers that will transfer to their pointless ideas.

I don’t want to say where I work exactly, so I can’t say too much about the job itself (otherwise it would be easy to guess), so the last one might still be a little confusing. Let me just say that clicking a button to make something print does not mean that I am the Photoshop Master of the World.

Shoot, I can’t even draw a stick figure right. But does that stop the people from complaining? When has something like that ever stopped anyone from complaining? Anyone who has ever worked in retail EVER knows that the whiners, complainers, and sassy-McSass-alots never shut their traps. NEVER EVER NEVER.

What a shame.

Yeah, so that’s what my life has been like for the past month. If my posts have been inconsistent or not very interesting for a while I apologize, I planning on fixing that quite soon 🙂 And I also apologize that I’ve gotten behind on my YouTube videos. Unfortunately, I must tell you not to expect one tomorrow (I work then too), but keep a lookout for later in the week. You never know when two might be coming your way…




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