Crazy Campus Tales From a Far Off Place

Hi all 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these and I do apologize for that. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again. Time to move back into a cramped dorm with smelly people, ugly carpeting, and a backbreaking load of work.

Ha, yeah right. The people are only smelly sometimes.

No, but really (and sorry for the bad joke, I just got out of a night class–more on that in a second) it’s cool to be back at college. I’m not sure if I told you or not, but I’m back home in Michigan going to university here, so it’s an environment I find I can fit into a lot better, so that’s nice. On the down side, I have to actually go back to school. That freaking sucks.

All’s well on the dorm front, I’m currently living with my amigo Rupee (you can see her made-up profile on the Meet the Characters page), and we have the most important dorm decor up so far: Batman and One Direction. I’m also pretty excited about a few of my classes this semester, and some… not so much. TIME TO EXPLAIN!!!

Actually, it’s more like it’s time to introduce.

Meet Professor Eff. He’s from Israel (pretty awesome, no???) Yes, it is. Except for the fact that his English isn’t exactly fluent. Now, normally this wouldn’t bother me if it was a class like, well, English. I’m good at English. Even history would be fine. But no. This is math–a class I have to take over, by the way, because this university wouldn’t take my other math class (understandably, because it was literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, but that’s a rant for another day). The point is: I royally SUCK at math. This is going to be interesting.

And then there’s my British Literature class. Nothing much to say about that. Except that there’s a kid named Bradly Cooper in there. No, it’s not the actor, although that would be totally awesome. When my professor called out the roll, every kid turned around to stare at this poor boy and unanimously said, “whoa, that’s awesome!”

And finally, because my head is killing me I’ll try to keep this last one as short as possible. My Adaptation to Film class sounds like it’s going to be super awesome. All except for three things. 1) It is in the basement of the Science building which is basically a.k.a. for the creepiest, dungeoniest, dimly lit section of Murder Town. 2) It doesn’t get out until 9:50 at night when it is dark and cold and dark and freaking freezing! and 3) I have to walk the entire length of the campus to get back to my dorm. A campus that I hardly know in the daylight let alone can find my way around in the dark. A campus that (apparently near the Science building) is dimly lit and terrifying.

Now, a sane, sensible person might say one of a few things: call for an escort to walk you back to your dorm (and no that does not mean hooker. It’s someone from the police department who will walk with you back to your dorm, car, etc.). They might also suggest finding myself a buddy from class that is going in the same direction as me.

Oh, but I’m anti-social to the extreme, so that might not work out so well…

So I may end up going with my last option: buying a crap ton of pepper spray and hoping for the best.

Yep, that sounds more like it.



P.S. For the 2nd time in a row I did not edit this post, so my apologies for any bad spelling and/or grammatical errors. Also, I’m kidding (sort of) about the mace.

Try not to mace people. It’s rude.


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