Mini Post About Nothing #18: YouTube Addiction Surprises

Can I just say how weird it is that I’ve somehow written 18 of these mini posts? Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to sit down and write a real one? But usually it’s just because I only have something short to say and I would ramble otherwise. Kind of like now. Okay, time to stop and get to the point.

My YouTube channel is getting a…face lift of sorts. I’m adding a new host/vlogger (my roommate Rupee who you all know–see her bio in the Meet the Characters section if you don’t) and a new segment entitled “Scary Harry”. I’ll let you think of that what you may until I introduce it and some new videos in the near future. Try not to let your dirty minds take that somewhere it shouldn’t be *serious mom glare*.

Um…yup, that’s it for now. Just thought I would let you in on what you might be able to expect coming soon. For a link to my totally random and still in the awkward beginning stages channel on YouTube, follow this link: AverageTeen303.

Salut Amigos,



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