Things People Need to Stop Doing In Movies and Television

I have compiled a list of things people need to STOP DOING in films and t.v. shows because they’re annoying! T.V. and film are supposed to be representations (loose representations, albeit) of real life, and NO ONE IN REAL LIFE WOULD DO THESE THINGS. Partially because they’re inconsiderate, and partially because, well, they’re just stupid.

#1: When a character is calling someone else on the phone and it goes to voicemail. Okay, this part isn’t so bad. I get it–it’s dramatic if we hear the person saying “you can’t reach _____ right now, leave a message after the beep”. Sure, fine, I don’t care. But would you PLEASE hang up the phone before it beeps! Because, yes, that is dramatic, but you are also leaving a blank voicemail, and for anyone who’s ever had a blank voicemail (which is everyone), that’s SO FREAKING IRRITATING. Who wants to go through the troublesome process of listening to the creepy voicemail voice lady telling you how to get to your messages, just to hear someone breathing, or the wind blowing into the speaker. No! Stop it!

#2: When the creepy music stops just before something pops out at the screen. Actually, this is a really good technique and often done well. (Which means there are times when it isn’t–like when super-hardcore screamo music in horror films just suddenly cuts off). But it makes me jump EVERY time, which is the only reason it’s on this list. Literally, every time.

#3: When characters don’t finish their meals. And this really has less to do with the fact that they waste perfectly good food by ordering it and then just leaving it behind (when so often they could just bring the food with them). Like, for example, that doughnut and coffee you just bought? How difficult is it to ask for a to-go bag for a doughnut??? You literally JUST bought it. It’s probably really delicious. And now you’re leaving it behind, why??? TAKE IT WITH YOU!!!

Anyhoot, what I get most irritated at is the fact that they don’t clean up after themselves when they must dart away. Is your waitress also secretly your maid? No. Did you leave her a tip? Not likely. So clean your crap up!!!

#4: Do you know who wares make-up to bed? No one! Want to know why? Cause it totally messes up your skin! So why are you doing it actor-lady?!? You are giving the wrong impression to dudes that girls can just roll out of bed pretty. Such lies!!!!

And, finally, #5: For the love of Peat (whoever he is) why do these people always look like they’ve just stepped off the cat-walk??? It hurts my pride because I TOTALLY don’t look like that. So upsetting. That is a more petty complaint but, really, are sweatpants that bad every once in a while??? I mean… My life… It’s just so cool…

So yeah, those are just a few things I’m going to need the peeps on T.V. and in films to chill their pants about. Wow I’m tired. I just said chill their pants. Do you think I’m going to edit that out (or this post in general)? Nope, I’m about to go to bed super early and edit this thing-a-ma-bob in the morning… Or not at all. We’ll see I guess 🙂




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