An Announcement and Some Other Stuff

Driving down to my Aunt’s house in southern Michigan today, we passed a billboard just south of Detroit that was advertising for a Hustlers Club with famous $10 lap dances. (This isn’t the funny part). On the other side of the billboard was an ad for a law firm. A law firm that specialized in workplace harassment. Does anyone else sense the irony in this? All I know is that I started laughing hysterically (the morbid kind of laughter–the kind where you know something shouldn’t be funny; but I’m such a huge fan of irony I couldn’t stop), and my dad nearly steered the car off the road.  Plus there is currently a torrential downpour, so… that didn’t help.


In other news, tomorrow is Rupee’s birthday (sorry, Rupee, but that’s not what this post is about). For her birthday, she asked if I would write her a fan fiction. Now, honestly, this is something that I am neither comfortable with, nor is it (as I had promised myself long ago when this trend began) something I [had said I] would ever EVER do. But for some reason I agreed.

JUST THIS ONCE I am going to dabble in the art of fan fiction. So, I thought why not bring you guys along with me. This coming week I will be doing something a bit unique. Starting Monday (tomorrow), I am going to have–what I have termed–a Lightning Series on the topic of Fan Fiction.

Every day there will be a new blog post that covers a topic or sub-topic of this genre. Basically, the schedule will look like this:

Monday: “What is Fan Fiction?”

Tuesday: “Formatting Your Fanfic”

Wednesday: “Elements of the Modern Day Fan Fiction”

Thursday: “Fan Fiction Ratings: What Kind of Writer Are You?”

Friday: “The Subject of Fan Fictions: Where to Start and What to Write About”

These, of course, are subject to change, but now you have an idea of where this crazy adventure is going. I will also be releasing a chapter of my own mini fanfic every day to go along with these posts, so keep an eye out for those as well.

If anything, this is going to be interesting specifically because it’s so out of my writing comfort zone. I guess we will be exploring this new world together. Unless you happen to be an expert, in which case please comment and let me know about your expertise, fan fictions you have enjoyed reading (or writing), and how you got into fan fictions!




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