Thanksgiving Began With Average People

Hey all and happy Tuesday 🙂

It just occurred to me as I started typing this post that I have yet to give you the final chapters of my fanfiction. I then realized that what I have posted so far can’t even be considered a fanfiction, because I haven’t even brought in any main characters (famous people) yet, due to the fact that it has all been establishing information (I have a small tendency to want to turn everything into a novel). So, yeah, here’s the thing: writing fanfiction makes me very uncomfortable. With what I have written of the ending so far–and just so you don’t feel gypped: spoiler-the “blind” guy is Niall Horan–I can’t get over the awkwardness of the fact that I am writing about real life people. Still, it’s coming. Eventually. Sorry Rupee.


I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving! And if you’re not American… try not to be too upset. We all feel for you!

When you think about it,  Thanksgiving is a time of giving (who would have thunk it???). The Indians gave the pilgrims corn and new ways to plow the land, and the pilgrims gave them smallpox. How nice.

No, but really, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that (for the most part) Thanksgiving is all about the food! I’m pretty sure I doubled in weight this year, but that’s okay. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and food, and (after everyone of legal drinking age *cough* is a bit tipsy) just sit back and listen. You never know what you’ll hear.

Such as:

  • Luke, I’m actually not your father. SURPRISE!
  • There’s something on the ground! There’s something wet on the ground! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What is that? I think it’s ham! I think I just stepped on ham! I wasn’t expecting that sensation!
  • *After some random alcoholic beverage is named* Oh, yeah! I remember that stuff. I used to drink a whole bottle of that before I went to the eight grade dances.

Man, I wish I could have done that! Eighth grade, what a nightmare!

That’s all for now because I have to start preparing for exams and writing my novel. I decided that because I royally screwed up the whole NaNovemberWriMo, I would have a December version just for myself. Fingers crossed (and feel free to yell at me if it doesn’t seem like I’m doing it!)

Love you all, as always!







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