Drunks Talk About Life

Quotes from people who were drunk when they said them. And then pictures that are funny 🙂

“I’m getting on my nerves”

“Word that rhymes with penis” “…wenis!!!”

“I’m getting some apple cider…” “And by able cider you mean alcohol, right…?”

“Wait, I have to pee, I’ve been drinking all night.” “Yeah you have to pee, and I also think you might be pregnant.”

“What is today?”  “Thursday!” “The 9th!” “January”  “…None of those are right…”

“I’ve made out A LOT!”

“Wait, who’s her boyfriend?” “I don’t know, there’s a lot of them, it’s confusing.”

Girl 1: “But he’s so hot, you’re going to get a boner!”

Boy1: “You can’t get a boner, you don’t have a dick!”

Girl 2: “So?”

[Talking about blood-alcohol level] “.1, but I think it went down cause I peed a little.”

Person 1: “Will you get me some of those mini hot-dog things? I don’t want them to know I’m drunk.”

Person 2: “No, go get your own and don’t fall down. Down make eye contact, talk to no one, get some food, walk away, and DON’T FALL DOWN!”

Person 1: “That’s a lot of steps”. 


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