I know it’s taken me forever and a decade (sorry Julia) to finally get this ball a-rollin’, but I have finally written it.

Are you ready?

No, I don’t think you are…

THIS IS A BOOK TOO IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think there were enough exclamation points?

To read the first chapter of our second installment in the This is a Book trilogy, follow this link-a-do to This is a Book Too: Chapter One.

If you are new to the world of This is a Book, you can follow this link to the This is a Book blogsite to find out more about our genre-bashing blog-novel, as well as read all of the previous chapters (1 through 26) of the first novel: This is a BookYou can follow us there for posts specifically about the This is a Book trilogy, including info about competitions, character bios, and possibly merchandise (that last one is a work in progress). 

Also, don’t forget that at the top of my blog here, under the page heading “This is a Book”, there is a link to the This is a Book blogsite that you can use at anytime.

We are so excited to get re-started with This is a Book, and we hope you will all follow along with us as we continue to push the ‘bizarre boundaries’ to their furthest extent. 

See you in a bit, my flowers!

(Tangled, anyone? Anyone?)



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