Living in an Eternal Winter State

I am so freaking pissed.

One, because I really want some chicken right now and no one delivers at 11 o’clock at night during an eternal-winter-eclipse-of-the-sun-doomsday (or doomsnight?). And two, because IT’S FREAKING ETERNAL WINTER.

My university is officially closed tomorrow for the third day since the start of this semester (not that I’m complaining about that), but is it because of the snow? Don’t be ridiculous, Michigan universities don’t close because of the snow! It’s because–with windchill–it is supposed to be -30 degrees outside. Um, excuse me, no!

On a happier note, Wednesday is supposed to be -40. Wait, did I say happier? Yeah, that was a lie. People are literally coming in from outside looking like this:

And it’s like:

Umm… I think you’ve got a little something there…

Oh yeah? It’s called frostbite you useless piece of AHHHHHH! …I can’t feel my nose…

My mailbox is currently almost covered, and this picture was taken before last nights snow fall of several more inches.

IMG_0580Now, those of you who are thinking, “oh, please, I’ve seen way worse than this in my hometown ______,” you have to understand something. My bitterness comes (mostly) from the fact that last year I didn’t even have a winter. Studying in southern America was like having an extended fall for several months before the springtime came swirling back around. I even claimed that I missed the snow.

And so, what does mother nature do? “Oh, you missed the snow did you? Well I CAN GIVE YOU SNOW!!!! (And temperatures way below freezing). Enjoy!”

Let me tell you, instant regret. *Sigh* Why couldn’t I have just kept my stupid mouth shut? So, if you’re reading this and you’re from Michigan…

It was all Rupee’s fault!


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