Winter Needs to Be Over. Like, Now.

It’s official. Michigan hates me. It’s not just the winter because, let’s be honest, winter hates everyone. Nope, it’s just Michigan. And it’s just me that it hates.

Starting at the beginning of last week, I received a bizarre Costa Rican flu from my father who ventured into the warm, summer-like air of Central America for a business conference. I, of course, was abandoned to the cold. Only to, in fact, catch a cold (but that parts coming).

So, he gets back from his beautiful tropic workation and I receive what my roommate started to mockingly call a Costa Rican tapeworm. Word from the not-so-wise: don’t tell someone they’ve ingested parasites if it’s not true. It just makes them paranoid and uncomfortable.

I survived the entirety of last week on one can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup (which I have to say, has the sodium level always been that high? Because it felt like I was drinking brine? Has it always been like that and my child-self was just too ignorant to the salt? Maybe it’s because I’m not a big salt fan to begin with, so I notice now more than I used to. Anyway, not the point…) and a sleeve of tasteless, saltine crackers. Oh, and Vernors. Because Vernors is the best!

For five days that is all I was able to eat, and then the horizon started to get brighter and I thought “YES! THIS IS IT!”

And then I went to work.

And when I woke up the next morning… I had a cold 😦

Um, excuse me, Mother Nature, I think you might have accidentally given this cold to the wrong person. You see, you gave me the flu last week, so, clearly, it is someone else’s turn to struggle with illness. You can take it back now, okay? Sound like a good idea to you?

But, on a more positive note, I am currently dog-sitting and house-sitting for my parents, and I have yet to forget to feed my dog, burn the house down, or let in any creepy strangers. I think my progress should be noted as a successful step forward into adulthood. And by that, I mean that when I’m finally living completely on my own, I won’t die.

But I will still be running out of laundry, because even now it’s still ending up on my bedroom floor. Funny how that works out 🙂



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