Letters I’ve Been Meaning to Write

Dear Michigan,

For the forty degree weather that is currently allowing me to wear flip-flops in March, thank you. You rock, don’t ever change. Now if you could just do something about the mud that is being created by ALL OF THE SNOW YOU GAVE US, that would be wonderful.


Me when I can feel my extremities



Dear Dude Who Allowed Me to Take the Parking Spot the Other Night,

You are a walking (driving) miracle worker. Not just anyone (no really) would give up a parking spot on a college campus as generously as you did for me. I don’t know if you passed it up because you saw that I wanted it or because you missed it, but I’m going to choose to think it was the former, because that makes me feel special, and clearly this is all about me 🙂

Your friend,


Dear History Test That I Just Butchered,

Do try to forgive me,

I will try harder next time (probably. maybe.)



Just thought I would share those you guys. In other news, Rupee has been watching Gossip Girl recently and DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT A HUGE SPOILER (even thought Gossip Girl has been out for years, but still) the two new quotes in our room are now:

“Good one, Dan” every time gossip girl has any sort of voice-over, because sometimes it’s just ridiculous.

And the second is, of course:


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