Pirates, the Count, and a Bunch of Other Boring Stuff

I just finished watching Captain Phillips (the film with Tom Hanks about the Somali pirates who capture a cargo ship off the coast of Africa) and it was AWESOME! Completely terrifying, but awesome.

I couldn’t help but like Barkhad Abdi even though his character was like, you know, threatening to kill everyone. It’s probably because I saw him at the Oscars and he was just precious, and then here he is trying to “kidnap” a bunch of people and I’m sitting there going “aw, but he’s so nice!” The people I was watching the movie with didn’t quite feel the same way. They shushed me when I tried to explain. Haters everywhere!

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the movie, I HIGHLY recommend it, it was fantastic.

Of course right after watching it, I turned on my computer (oh, who am I kidding, my computer is never turned off) and went onto Facebook where I got to scroll through pages of happy, successful people doing happy successful things. Don’t do that. It’s just a bummer. Especially after such an intense movie; I don’t recommend that part.

Why is everyone so successful all of the sudden? And here’s me just being me. Which is incredibly boring, let me tell you.

And then I realized that once again it’s my turn to write a This is a Book chapter and I completely forgot. Not just that I forgot, somehow I completely got off track and didn’t even realize it was my week at all. Or that This is a Book existed. You know, the usual.

So basically, I’m not contributing anything to society and I was not kidnapped and held for ransom by pirates in Africa, and thus have no room to complain about my life. So then what’s left? YouTube? Except I already watched all of the videos there. Count the Count Censored is my favorite, by the way.

I know, sense this blog post kind of took a suddenly depressing spiral, I’ll add it down below so we can all watch it together. Because it’s fantastic. Yes, but actually it is. Don’t read this with that attitude, Mister! I am a mature adult gosh darnit!



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