The Fanfiction I Promised a LONG Time Ago…

Some of you may remember that I had promised to write Rupee a fanfiction for her birthday way back in November. I started writing it and then I just kind of… stopped. Well, she has since reminded me about a bazillion times, and this time she’s made me sign a contract. I have no idea what the consequences will be should I break the contract, and perhaps that’s something I should have written into the fine print, but I’m not that smart, so I didn’t.

In order to escape whatever scheming she has planned, I am now determined to finish this fanfiction for her, although it has taken a turn that I hadn’t intended plot-wise. Now, for those of you who are well-versed in fanfictions, please don’t make fun of me. And PLEASE don’t take it as a testament to my full writing abilities! If at any time you feel awkward while reading it, it’s probably because I felt awkward writing it.

It isn’t completed as of yet, but I will begin releasing it chapter by chapter starting July 1st. HOWEVER, I fly out for England July 4th, so there may be several days where the chapters get kind of screwy (release-date wise), so just be patient with me.

I suppose this is my version of a sorry-I-haven’t-posted-in-so-freaking-long present. I’m going to officially embarrass myself for all of you!

I don’t know what it is about fanfictions, but I can’t help feeling SUPER CREEPY while writing it. These are real people who I’m fictionalizing for my own purposes. And that’s not against anyone who reads or writes fanfiction, it’s just something I seriously cannot wrap my mind around or get past. After this I’m definitely sticking to writing about people who aren’t real. I feel much less guilty making them do ridiculous things 😉



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