Mini Post About Nothing #20: The World Cup Results and Fanfiction Updates

So the USA is officially out of the World Cup.

😦 Bummer…

I hate losing!

But you can’t say that game wasn’t super intense. I’m pretty sure I almost had a heart attack. My sister, and her roommate (who has yet to have a name on this blog, so I now dub her Hannah), and I were jumping around like crazy people. Now I’m tired and sad. And also hungry because I was too focused to eat. But that’s a lot of information you don’t care about so we’ll move on–

I am currently working on editing the fanfiction, so you can expect the first chapter(s) tomorrow (if you can even call them that since they’re pretty much just two pages each on a Word document.)

But they ARE coming! I have met my deadline.

Kind of.

It is really close this time! Close enough that I am deeming my contract completed.

Happy extremely belated birthday, Rupee. It only took me, you know… *counts on fingers* eight months to finish this for you!

Please don’t judge me if it’s crappy!





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